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Location Makeover – One of the most experienced Home Styling companies in Adelaide.

Location Makeover has been operating within South Australia for the past 18 years. Our number one priority is understanding and personalising a property For Sale as presentation is the key to a successful sales outcome. Our experience and skill have continued to grow with years of preparing homes and we understand our clients’ needs.


Our range of staging furniture is extensive and we are continually updating to accommodate the current trends of in-home styling as they continually change. With this in mind, we are also very flexible, if there are particular pieces of furniture you wish to keep within the home.


Homes we have previously staged, range from luxurious mansions to units and each property is unique and personalized. We are keen to not only utilize our years of experience but to meet your requests.

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Sailing Chen – Interior Designer & Decorator

Home styling and interior design are so much more than a business to Sailing, it’s her passion, it’s about the joy that brings her to be the designer & decorator and create beautiful, cozy places for clients.


Throughout her respective careers, she has come across a wide range of property types and scenarios and has first-hand experience of what sells and what doesn’t. Her mantra is ‘Inspire the buyer’ and she embeds this ethos into the work by creating inspirational living environments that are indeed inspiring and unforgettable.

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